October 21, 2014

Valentine’s Paper Fun

martha valentines

Kids LOVE Valentine's Day for some reason. They love getting cards and of course eating all the goodies! I found a bunch of super cute Valentine's that you could make for your child's class on the Martha Stewart website. My favourite was the Patterned Paper Wrap Store. It was full of bought treats simply covered with some decorative paper found at your local craft store (or dollar store). They had 27 different Valentine's Activities for kids that you might want to check out there are bookmarks, frames, lollipop flowers, and much more! Click … [Read more...]

Picture Flower Pots

flower pot2

I am always on the search for the perfect Mother's Day gift for both my Mom and my Mother-in-Law. This year I came across this very cool flower pot idea and thought "I can do that". I'm not very crafty at all! But I did it and it turned out beautifully! So beautiful in fact I decided I had to make another one for my Grandma and I can't wait to give them to them!  So here's what you have to do, easy peasy! Print off a number of black & white photos on regular white paper of what ever you want to feature on the flower pot, I did my kids. … [Read more...]

Ideal Gifts for Teachers

christmas tags

Top 5 Gifts for Teachers This is a Stumper Your kids LOVE their teachers (most of the time) and want to buy them a gift but you're stumped about what to buy. To show your appreciation for what your teacher does for your child and ultimately your family buy them a candle?...No, a Mug?...Please no more mugs!, ornaments?... no thanks, chocolate?... food is always good as it can be used but I have some way better ideas that throughout my years of teaching I received and loved! Gift Cards! Let's be honest you really don't know your child's … [Read more...]

Beaded Button Bracelets


Mother's Day is quickly approaching and here's an easy craft that you can do with your kids for Grandma or for yourself. Or get Daddy to sit with them and do it if they want it to be a surprise. It's really pretty and they say it's EASY and suitable for children 4 and up, which means Dads should be able to figure it out. Click here to check out Kaboose.com other cool Mother's Day crafts while you're there if this isn't exactly what you're looking for.   Button Beaded Bracelet What you'll need: • A collection of buttons and … [Read more...]

Paper Blossoms

paper blossoms

As you gardeners are buying and planting your seedlings get your kids to help and teach them how to care for these baby plants. I wish someone would have taught me! I can't seem to keep anything green alive inside or outside my house. Then try this craft to show them what they will look like once they start to bloom. This Paper Blossoms craft is a little bit more advanced but turns out beautifully. Click here to find many more fun spring crafts on the Family Fun website. Paper Blossoms Materials Bare branch Tissue … [Read more...]

Foam Caterpillar


I know it may not quite feel like it yet but it is officially spring! As we wait for the snow to melt and the sun to grace us with its presence here are some fun things to do with your kids to get you in Spring mode. This is a cute one that you can make as an Easter gift as well for Grandmas, Aunties, and even teachers. It's easy and these are the caterpillars you won't mind seeing in your plants. All you need are some colourful foam sheets, a skewer, foam practice golf balls, and a small amount of wire. Click here to see how easy this craft … [Read more...]