October 23, 2014

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Dying Recipe: You will need Food Coloring, Vinegar, boiling Water, Bowls, Tongs, Paper towels and Wax Paper. Boil Eggs and let cool. For each color, combine ½ cup boiling water, 1tsp. vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring in a bowl. Dip the hard boiled egg in the dye bath for 3-5 minutes. If you want a darker color leave in bath mixture longer. Use tongs to remove eggs, gently place on wax paper and let dry. Blot the excess dye with a paper towel. Use Sticker(s) on Eggs: Use vinyl stickers in assorted sizes and … [Read more...]

Cool Tableclothes

My girlfriend, Wendy, a home economics teacher, shared a cool idea! Costco has these great big durable white table cloths for sale right now. She uses them at functions, reunions, and birthday parties with a bucket of crayons and lets the kids decorate the table cloth. She also puts them on the grass and puts tempera paints in containers and lets them do a little finger or toe painting. Elmer's has some tempera paints that are ready to go. She says that the grass gives it a neat texture as well. So buy a few for rainy-day projects or … [Read more...]